Thank you to give attention to our ABOUT US page.

 ALFAQ is an independent apparel brand that started in the year 2017 and riding the road since then. It’s a small business that we intend to grow    into the huge one. We’ve funded ALFAQ from our savings and little help from our family and friends.

 The name originated from a crazy slang used during our high school, which now turned into a brand name! Soon the name was too cool to just   use on texts. Hence the T-shirts came in the picture.


                                                                                    “FROM IMAGINATION TO REALITY”

 This is our company’s tagline and vision. For us, our customers’ imagination is the engine of their thoughts. It will convert our customers’             thought processes and expectations into reality. We intend to provide good quality products along with affordable prices to our customers   which they”ll love, cherish and feel comfortable so whether it’s from our funky designs or self-designed by our customers.


 Started by siblings as brother-sister. One finds the best friend, second parent, silly fights, a partner in crime and protector in this one relation.   Overprotective monkey who is mom’s apple of eye and girl who is daddy’s princess who is usually taunted by her brother to be picked out from   trash ! in some cases mandir ki seediya (staircase of the temple).
 We are crazy and fun-loving team who heartily welcome people who wanted to be added to our family.